Applying for a Wholesale Account:

If you are interested in a wholesale account with Backroad Designs, please fill out the form linked below. Once the wholesaler has filled out and completed the application, it will be submitted to the Backroad Designs home office where it will be thoroughly reviewed. The acceptance process includes researching the wholesaler’s area, social media outlets and website. If the wholesaler does not have social media, pictures will be requested via e-mail to keep on record. The wholesaler’s surrounding area will also be checked for nearby customers.

Approved Accounts:
Once you’re approved, you will be assigned a sales representative and receive an e-mail with your wholesale login information for the Backroad Design website. Please note that even once approved, your application is tentative until the opening sales order has been placed.

Minimum Order Requirements:
New customers must meet an opening order of $500 per location. There is not a minimum re-order required if placed within a three-month time period from your previous order. If for any reason the wholesaler does not place an order within three months, the account will be marked as inactive and another customer may be picked up in the area. This does not mean the wholesaler cannot carry the Backroad Design line again, however, the wholesaler will be asked to kindly re-apply. Backroad Design offers zip code protection for storefronts that meet the wholesale minimum requirements.

After being approved as a wholesaler, re-orders can be placed online at Backroad Design. Wholesalers can place orders quickly and easily by logging on to the Backroad Design website using their username and password. If the wholesaler placed their first order at market, their username and password will be sent to them via e-mail. Swaps are permitted after approval from your sales rep. A swap, or damaged item must be submitted within 14 days of receipt of goods. Approved swaps must be more than the items swapping out of.

Location Requirements:
All customers carrying Backroad Design are required to have a storefront location. If the wholesaler only has an online store or if they wish to sell online only, the wholesaler must receive approval from a sales representative. Accounts with more than one location must have each store approved before the line can be sold. 

Please respect Backroad Design MSRP. If the wholesaler fails to honor this requirement, the account will be marked as inactive.

The Backroad Design line cannot be featured or sold in any trunk or trade show at any time without approval.

Backroad Design will be sold at various markets. Be sure to stop by the Backroad Design booth to see the latest collection. Wholesalers are welcome to complete a wholesale application at this time. All orders placed at an apparel market are considered “notes” until approved. Once “notes” are approved, the account executive will contact the wholesaler and begin to process orders.

    By submitting this form you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
    We value you as a Backroad Design customer, and enforce these restrictions to protect you! Thank you for your business!

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